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Good for the Gander?

I got an employee review today. I asked if there were ever reciprocal reviews, in which the employees review the manager. This does not happen here. Not ever. An exit interview does not count. Why bother to change when the person doing the complaining is heading out the door? And the incompetence continues.
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Things That Get Dirty

  • Shower curtains (the cloth thing that makes the bathroom look like it was planned.)
  • Shower curtain liners (the plastic that you think is a shower curtain)
  • Baseboards
  • Unused tables
  • Toothbrush holders
  • The counter under an appliance- especially the coffee pot or the toaster!
  • Windowsills
  • Doors around the door knob
  • Bathroom counters, not just sinks
  • The towel you use to dry your clean body off with.
  • The inside of the washing machine, and the dishwasher, too!
  • Keyboards
  • Screens
  • Hairbrushes and combs
  • Second floor windows
And the list goes on...

I was in our guest bathroom today and noticed that the shower curtain looked grubby. So I took it down and threw it into the wash. No big deal. But I realized it was one of the things that I will clean, that my husband does not recognize as having the ability to get dirty. It's a guy thing. Hubby is getting better, as he is becoming accustomed to a level of clean that makes me happy. But he still doesn't recognize a dusty baseboard.
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You might be a geek if...

You can count to 256 on your fingers.

You have a scanner hooked up to your laptop.

You use more than one monitor at a time.

It doesn't matter that you can't find the cable that came with the fill in the blank you have one in your spares drawer.

You have a spares drawer, bag, bin or pile.

Editing in HTML is easier than rich text.

You know the keyboard shortcut for switching between active tabs.

You use the term 'active tab.'

I'm sure there are more. Brain trust?


Photoshop Tips Daily!

Since I've had to re awaken my Photoshop skills, I thought I'd share the best of the things that I've learned.

I'm now posting a Photoshop Tip Daily on my Other Blog. I call it Wombat Art, for the nickname I had for many, many years.

To make sure I really follow through on this, I've written up lots of tips in advance and have been getting my Droid set up so I can post to my blog from it. That way, I won't have much excuse not to post. Since the majority of my on-line buddies are digital scrapbookers, compared to photographers, that's the target audience for most of my tips. I'm not going to make a big deal out of curves and fill light.

The Tunnel Will End

I can see the light and it is not an oncoming train. On December 13, 2010, I started an on-line, off-site backup of my new hard drive and my EHD. That backup was partly finished and we took off on a cruise. Then, it was interrupted while we trekked off to Orlando. Finally, after many re-starts and interruptions, there are only 107 files left to back up for the initial backup to be complete. It is ironic that those remaining files did not exist when I started the backup, as they are pictures that I took while in Disney. I expect my first, full backup to complete today.

Gaahh. And I also know that my backup is not actually complete. Backblaze pulls a selection of files from a huge directory, it does not pull each and every file. My backup is Swiss cheese-like, with random holes in it. As more and more backups run, the holes will get filled in. In the meantime, I am trusting that the second EHD that I use for a local backup will be sufficient.

I recently read a complaint about the policy of an on-line backup service to charge a fee for sending an EHD with your files on it. The complainer was paying $50/year to store an unlimited amount of data and thought that fee should cover the cost of copying the data and shipping an EHD when she needed to recover her files.

And on a completely unrelated note- is it correct to skip the comma between the final adjective and the noun? Is 'first, full backup' correct, or should it be 'first,full, backup?' Or is it one of those things that can be done either way depending on where the writer wants to place emphasis?
Happy Ellie

Five Year Old Lessons

My grandson came over to visit on Saturday. Ashley, Josh's mom is my step-step daughter. Josh is her son. He arrived, ran into the house, kicked off his shoes and yelled for his grandpa. How can you not love a kid who is so incredibly happy and eager to visit? Grandpa then took Josh out to show him off while Ashley and I went off for a pedicure and some shopping. When we got home, the goal was to just hang out. I got hugs, snuggles, sticky sugar coated (blue candy whatever it was thingy) kisses and the highlight of the day was that Josh put the lights on our tree for us.

Yes, my Christmas tree looks "interesting" and it makes me smile to think of it and laugh when I look at it. I love the lights on the tree. Eventually, I'll adjust them to a more balanced look, but I'll still enjoy the Dickens out of the memory.

Now I know why button busting proud grandparents get video cameras. If only we had a video of Josh putting the lights on the tree. By the time Christmas rolls around next year, we'll have a camera.

After an afternoon of happy five year old, I've been reminded of how to be happy. I've been bouncing around all day, smiling at my thoughts and sharing my happy with total strangers. Hey, we are all too eager to share our unhappy. I much prefer to share happy.