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Not the end of Christmas. A significant realization. Actually, I've had several this weekend. While I was at the seminar, I heard many interesting motivation speeches, as well as a couple of techno training talks. Anyway, on to the sudden flashes of intelligence.

While I don't ask for things that I don't need, I also expect to get the things that I ask for. This is somewhat idealistic and selfish. But on the other hand, a polite, significant request deserves a response, even if the response is 'no'. No response at all is not appropriate.

Asking someone for something that they are not capable of producing is setting both parties up for a failure. I fail to get what I want and they get to fail at providing it. Odd way of saying it, but this is a sort of selfish subject. OTOH, it is my responsibility to be aware of this and to determine if they can do what I'm asking before I ask. This is not always possible, as I'm also talking about emotional needs that I'd like to have met and knowing what another person can do in that arena is tantamount to mind reading. Still awareness of an issue is an issue half solved.

The ability to accept a piece of information as a fact and not assign it a pro or con value is easier for me than it is for many other folks.

When you are benching 100, attempting to bench 105 is a five percent jump. Five percent is a significant jump. If a man benches 300, a five percent jump would be to 315. I learned that from a man whose best bench is 605. Ghwyenn is about 600. I am no longer stressing about making slow gains in bench numbers.

I am not a beginner at BB/PL, though I'm missing huge amounts of technical information about lifting. It's more the way that I train that has moved me away from the level of beginner. I'm aware of my body, how I feel day to day, what areas I want to work on, and how to make progress in meeting my goals. That's not beginner. Beginners follow programs, more advanced lifters follow plans.

Creatine has a very limited anabolic effect. You can do much better by timing your PWO nutrition correctly. The other effects of creatine can be duplicated through hydration and diet. It's not necessary for significant gains.

A guide to estimating body fat levels in males.
1. Full House = No visible muscle definition. Bodyfat level = over 20%.
2. Hard = Some muscle separation appears between delts and upper arm. Abs are still not visible. Approx. bodyfat level = 15-19%
3. Cut = More muscle separation appears particularly in the chest and back, outline of the abs begins to appear slightly. Approx. bodyfat level = 12-14%
4. Defined = Muscle separations get deeper in the arms, chest, legs and back, and abs appear when flexed. Approx. bodyfat level = 10-12%
5. Ripped = Abs are clearly visible all the time, vascularity in arms is prominent, chest and back separation is obvious, and face is starting to appear more angular. Condition can be held indefinitely. Approximate bodyfat level = 7-9%
6. Shredded = Striations appear in large muscle groups when they are flexed. Vascularity appears in lower abdomen and in the legs. Condition can be held for several days with careful dieting. Approximate bodyfat level = 5-7%
7. Sliced = Muscles and tendons begin to appear in the face when chewing, striations appear everywhere and vascularity appears everywhere. Bodyfat levels are close to 3% and subcutaneous water levels are near 0. Condition can only be held for a few hours at a time. Not a healthy condition to stay in due to lower water level.

I'm Defined now, moving towards Ripped and hope to be Shredded for the competition. My abs are becoming visible again while I'm not flexed, but they aren't all 6 visible all the time.

When the males : females ratio in a group is 10 : 1 and the majority of the females are married already, I do not have to buy my own drinks. I have to decline offers of drinks in order to drive home safely. Drunken eye-dee-ten-tees who bump into me at the bar are risking their lives.

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