January 14th, 2006

Back bicep


It's going well. I've picked up a couple of really good training points. For those that care, the topic was Westside training methods from Dave Tate. Lotsa locals are here, but many folks have come from Florida, Georgia, Ireland, Canada, Texas and who knows where else.

Not a lot of females, most are spouses (the plural of spouse is spice, why am I typing spouses?) But there is one who is a coach of a high school team, and another who is a competitive powerlifter and didn't break training. She brought a bottle of water to the bar. Good on her! I know she's getting lots of respect.

As I had expected, while there are a few truly buff guys, (one is an elite class powerlifter - eye candy!) the majority are not visibly buff in street clothes. Today might bring out the 'show off shirts'. I was amazed that the trainer from Georgia commented on my deltoid definition as visible through my shirt. I'm not feeling particularly well defined, but that's something these guys know how to look for. But it was really nice to have someone other than my trainer tell me that my deltoids are comment worthy. And no, he wasn't trying to pick me up. His buddy from Florida might have been, but not the guy from Georgia.
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