January 16th, 2006

Back bicep

Weekend Plans

I have a four day weekend because I'm off tomorrow for medical stuff. Anyone who feels like sending positive Karma my way, please do so. The results of this test will have influence on some significant life changes. I want to do some sewing, but I'm a bit edgy and not able to focus on projects like sewing right now. If I could get into it, I'd calm down, but I can't quite get started. I'm also a bit pumped up from the seminar on Saturday. Motivation is a wonderful thing. I don't want motivation in small doses.

To continue on the sound bites style of entries, here's more epiphanies and nuggets from the seminar.

"Food is not your problem. Food is how you deal with your problem." From Chris Shugart's presentation. I did a double take at this because I see this in other people and only recognized what I had been seeing after I saw those words in Death By PowerPoint. It's strong words to throw at a person and not something I'm willing to throw at folks randomly. The potential for hitting the target and hurting the target is way up there. So, realize I'm not throwing these words at anyone. I've laid them out here for anyone to pick up and use if they think they will be helpful.

People don't manage the last five pounds because in our society, 95% is an A and there aren't that many folks who study for 100% and the bonus questions, too. They study enough to get an A and stop. I tested my squat goal today and got a 95%. I'd studied enough for my A and I was happy with that for today. I'm still studying and will go back and retake the test in a few months. I still have an A, that I earned today. But while an A is pretty good, an A is not my goal. My goal is 100% and as many bonus questions as I can get.

It is easier to go from 0 to something, than it is to go from something to better. The person at better trying to become great is fighting for each ounce and most folks don't even try. The fight to improve from great to world class is one that requires such sacrifice that only a few win it and the casualty list is larger than the winners circle.

If you make doing the right thing so easy that you have to work to forget or to do the wrong thing, it becomes easier and easier to do the right thing.

Negative progress means it isn't working. You can't determine negative progress if you don't measure.

Mirrors lie. Pictures don't.

OGC- I have a 100 pound bench, a 130 dead lift (straight legged) and a 190 squat. I'm not there yet, but I can see it from here.
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Back bicep


I have just returned from a meeting with my competition consultant. I'm better at posing now, still have to do lots of practicing. However, this week my program is 7 cardio sessions of 45 minutes each, some of them on the stairs, and three sessions of weights. Yup, I have ten workouts scheduled for the next seven days. The weighted work is also specific for hamstrings, glutes, obliques and deltoids. Isn't that an odd grouping... but it's what I need to bring up a bit more. Still.

I'm at ten weeks, five days out. In the long run, the goal is to do the majority of the changes now, so I can coast into the last few weeks just refining things, not frantically trying to get to where I should have been three weeks before. So, the current plan is to take off as much fat as possible now, while still building muscle. Yeah, right. Like I'm going to keep anything on my frame with 7 cardio sessions a week. But it's only for a week. I'm only supposed to look at the scale once a week, and I'm to start a different amino acid. I'm debating that one. I just got information that it's useless. Glutamine has an anabolic index of zero. It does nothing. Nada, zip, nil. But if you think it does something, you can find some result to attribute to it.

Posing is a daily event, either before bed or right after rising. I've got time before bed (possibly) so that's when I'll do it.

I thought I had no life. Hah! All for a trophy and some bragging rights. I must be crazy.
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